I’m an open source Bitcoin developer. I work at Chaincode Labs in New York, where I spend my time contributing to open source Bitcoin projects. I want to help make Bitcoin the best kind of money the world has ever had - secure, private, fungible and scalable. I also care about spreading knowledge about Bitcoin and Bitcoin development, and helping onboard new contributors to the project.

I started contributing to Bitcoin Core in late 2016, when I attended the first Chaincode residency. I’ve contributed code and review to most parts of the codebase including validation, networking, wallet, GUI and test framework.

In 2018, I organised the second Chaincode residency and helped organize the Chaincode Lightning Apps Residency, and in 2019 I helped run the fourth Chaincode residency.

I started Bitcoin Optech in 2018 to help Bitcoin businesses adopt scaling technologies and improve communication between the Bitcoin open source community and businesses using Bitcoin.

I started co-hosting the New York BitDevs socratic meetups in 2018.

In 2019, I started the Bitcoin Core PR Review Club to help newer contributors learn about the Bitcoin Core review process.